Parking Options

Construction activity on our street impacts adjacent parking so the Alliance has made additional arrangements for student and staff parking. In addition to the street parking in front of Kamm House (limited due to construction), students may park in two nearby parking lots. Options for parking in some cases depend on whether yours is an am/pm class, on weekdays or on Saturdays, so read carefully to understand all the options available to you.

Choice A: The Gravel Lot in Front of the Kamm House The gravel lot directly across SW 20th Avenue in front of the Kamm House has about 20 diagonal parking spots; park snugly so as many cars as possible will fit. Don’t park beyond the posted area at the end of the cul‐de‐sac and don’t park in the 6 double‐deep spots to the south of the building which are designated for the building’s residents. Also note that there are posted time limits on the gravel lot and there is a risk of getting tickets by parking control personnel. Sorry, the Alliance is not responsible if you are ticketed by parking control.

Choice B: Willamette Dental Parking ‐ 1933 SW Jefferson Street Free parking at Willamette Dental is available to Alliance students after 6pm and on Saturdays. This lot is located at the corner of SW 20th & Jefferson, north side of intersection (indicated by yellow arrow). It is posted ‘customer parking only’; the clinic is letting our students use the lot at the designated hours.

Choice C: Alliance Parking as Arranged with FUMC Church Alliance students and event attendees can park for free in the 32 spots in the lot closest to SW Columbia and SW 18th Avenue, near the Jefferson Street roundabout (indicated by green arrow) while attending AF classes or events on weekdays and Saturdays. This is a private lot which has signage, “Church Property Parking by Permission Only” and the Alliance logo at the bottom, and a large “A.” It is a five‐minute walk from this lot, to the Kamm House. Initial your pass and list the class code (or event) on it; put the pass on your dash to identify you as with the Alliance. (These passes are only valid while attending classes or Alliance events). Note that neither the Alliance nor FUMC are responsible to damage or loss in the lot.

Choice D: FUMC Main Lot for Events/Classes Held in FUMC Rooms Alliance students who have classes in Room 209 or 133 at FUMC, and event attendees to Alliance events held at FUMC, can park in the FUMC main lot while attending classes/events AT FUMC.

Handicap parking: Contact our office and we can reserve a spot next to the Kamm building.

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