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French: High Intermediate & Advanced Classes - Winter 2012

This level includes classes Latitudes 301 to 304 (CECR B1-C1) for high intermediate students as well as themed literature classes and discussion classes using the Edito textbook to achieve and maintain operational efficiency and mastery of the language.

Advanced Latitudes 301

High Intermediate & Advanced Classes > Advanced Latitudes 301
Required: 205 or equiv - Hours: 22.25 - Fee: $285
CODEDay & TimeDates
301 -AEveningWednesday 6-8:15 pmJan 4th - Mar 7th Register
301 -BWeekendSaturday 10a-12:15pJan 7th - Mar 10th Register

Edito: Perfecting thru Texts

High Intermediate & Advanced Classes > Edito: Perfecting thru Texts
Required: 301 or equiv - Hours: 22.25 - Fee: $285
CODEDay & TimeDates
Edito -AAfternoonTuesday 12:45-3pJan 3rd - Mar 6th Register
Edito -DAfternoonThursday 12:45-3pJan 5th - Mar 8th Register
Edito -EDaytimeFriday 10a-12:15pJan 6th - Mar 9th Register

Lecture théâtrale

High Intermediate & Advanced Classes > Lecture théâtrale
Required: 301 or equiv - Hours: 20 - Fee: $265
CODEDay & TimeDates
Théâtre AfternoonWednesday 1-3pJan 4th - Mar 7th Register

Actualités & Conversation

High Intermediate & Advanced Classes > Actualités & Conversation
Required: 301 or equiv - Hours: 22.25 - Fee: $285
CODEDay & TimeDates
Actu/Conv EveningThursday 6-8:15pJan 5th - Mar 8th Register

Littérature classique française

High Intermediate & Advanced Classes > Littérature classique française
Required: 304 or equiv - Hours: 20 - Fee: $265
CODEDay & TimeDates
LittClass EveningMonday 6-8pJan 2nd - Mar 5th Register

Advanced Literature & Conversation: La lenteur

High Intermediate & Advanced Classes > Advanced Literature & Conversation: La lenteur
Required: 304 or equiv - Hours: 22.25 - Fee: $285
CODEDay & TimeDates
LitCon/Adv WeekendSaturday 12:15-2:30pJan 7th - Mar 10th Register

Alliance Française Class Enrollment Policies

  1. Registrations are accepted in the order received until the class is full (average class size is 5-8; maximum class size is 10-12).
  2. Membership: Alliance Française membership is required for all students. The membership fee is valid for 12 full months and carries these benefits: eligibility to register for classes, discounts at retailers and restaurants, access to the School’s lending library of books and audio/video materials, and invitations and discounts to social and cultural events. Membership fees are not refundable.
  3. Special Discounts:
    • Receive a 10% Earlybird discount when paying in full for full-term classes (10 weeks), by the designated ‘earlybird’ deadline, for group classes,
    • 15% discount for Seniors (65 and older) who register and pay in full, for group classes (the discount is not valid for private lessons). Note: only one special discount at a time, please. The discounts apply to the course fee; discounts do not apply to books or membership fees.
  4. FlexPay Plan: Pay $125 to register (plus applicable books and membership) and then pay the balance at mid-term. Note: Earlybird or Senior discounts don’t apply to FlexPay plans; applicable only to 10-week classes.
  5. Enrollment Quotas and Staffing: A minimum of four enrollments is required to open a class. If this quota is not met, the Alliance Française will use its discretion to open the class anyway, cancel the class or offer alternatives.
  6. Trial Class: Students may attend one class on a try-out basis, at no charge, for evaluation purposes, as long as the class is not at maximum enrollment.

Alliance Française Refund Policy

The Alliance is a nonprofit organization that hires top-caliber teachers and which establishes class schedules based on enrollments at the start of a session. Therefore our refund policy is restricted as described below.

  1. Notification: Class withdrawals must be made in writing, submitted to the Alliance office, and should specify the submitter’s request for
    • a refund (terms below),
    • a course credit, or
    • agreement to offer up potential refunds as a donation to the 501c3 organization (i.e., tax deductible).
  2. Refunds: For 10-week classes, any cancellations prior to the first class being held are refunded in full, minus a 3% credit card fee (if the student paid by credit card). Optionally, the student can opt to apply a credit of 100% of the payment toward a future class (the credit must be used within six months.) If a student cancels in the first or second week of classes and before the second class is actually held, their options are to choose a 90% credit toward a future class or a 70% cash refund. If a student cancels after the second class but before the third is held, their options are to choose and 80% credit toward a future class or a 50% cash refund. Cash refunds are not made for cancellations after the first three class sessions, regardless of how many classes were attended by the student. Optionally, for withdrawals prior to mid-term, class credits can be issued for use at a future session (classes held before withdrawal notice will be deducted from the class credit).
  3. Changes in Format: For students electing to change from Group Classes to Private Tutoring, the remaining credit from the group class is converted to Private Tutoring hours at the prevailing private tutoring hourly rate. For students wishing to switch from Private Tutoring to a Group class, the remaining credit from the Private Tutoring payment is applied directly to the group class fee.
  4. Staffing Adjustments: Very rarely, we may find it necessary to substitute an equally-qualified teacher for one that was scheduled to teach a class. Refunds are not allowed due to such adjustments. If however a suitable substitute cannot be put in place, students will be refunded the value of any remaining classes or an option for credit toward a future class.


  1. Missed Classes: Missed classes are not refunded. However, students who miss a class are welcome to audit another class at a similar level, which can be very beneficial.
  2. Private Lessons or Custom Small-Group Instruction: Students in private lessons must notify their teacher at least 24 hours in advance, by phone, of any change in scheduled sessions.

The Alliance Française de Portland reserves the right to modify policies at any time and will make every effort to determine suitable solutions for situations not covered here. In all cases, the decision of the Alliance Française is final and binding.

Copyright © Alliance Française de Portland. The Alliance Française de Portland is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) institution.