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La Rentrée: Fall Term Open House September 6

Celebrate the end of a sizzling summer and dive into the whirl of the fall season at the Alliance’s Open House on Thursday, September 6.

Carry on with the essential core Saison and Edito series as you build the skills that will have you enjoying French more and more.

For intermediate and advanced students, there’s a roster of new classes. We’re pleased to offer the long-awaited Edito C1 class which will push your language skills to their utmost.

In the thematic series,  the expanded Québec course with Marie-Hélène explores the culture, customs, and history of Québec. Take a satirical look at medicine as you read Knock, a take on le Malade imaginaire in Marie-Pierre’s theatre class.

In Literature, you can taste La Première Gorgée de bière, Delerm’s minimalist masterpiece, learn the original of popular French expressions in La Puce à l’oreille, or wander into le Grand Siècle as you study the literature and art of Classicism.

Remember, September 6 at midnight is the last chance to get the 10% Early Bird Discount! Sign up for classes in person at the Open House or online. Treats will be served.

Thursday, September 6, 2018
The Historic Kamm House
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1425 SW 20th Avenue, Portland, OR, 97201-2485

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