Jack Sieber

Jack Sieber holds a Master’s degree in French Studies from Brown University and has been teaching at the Alliance Française de Portland since 2016. He began his teaching career in 2009 as a teacher of English and has been teaching French for a total of 7 years. Prior to arriving in Portland, he worked at the University of Burgundy in Dijon for 2 years and was a teacher in the French public school system for 2 years.

Beginning 104 (SUMMER TERM) : 104-B

Tuesdays at 10-12:15pm
06/18/2019 to 08/20/2019
Instructor: Jack Sieber

Required: 103 or equiv. Prepare for CECR A1/A2 level.

Communication: Family tree; introducing one’s family; congratulating; excusing oneself; inquiring about housing;  floor plans, furniture, decorating. 

Grammar : Possessive adjectives; passé composé with avoir; COD  pronoun; « y » ; obligation/interdiction. 

Phonetics: /f/,/v/,//ã/,/ ɔ̃/, /ɛ̃/.

Call us to sign-up: 503-223-8388

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Intermediate Saison 204 (SUMMER TERM) : 204-A

Thursdays at 6:15-8:30pm
06/20/2019 to 08/29/2019
Instructor: Jack Sieber

Required: 203 or equiv. Prepare for CECR A2/B1 level.

Communication: Giving an order; responding to a question; promising; organizing one's discourse; speaking on the telephone; accuse, dispute, criticize; interacting over the telephone.

Grammar: “Le, en & y” replacing a proposition; formation of adverbs using -ment; articulations of discourse; working world vocabulary; clarifying.


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Perfecting through Edito B1 (SUMMER TERM) : ED-A:2

Wednesdays at 1-3:15pm
06/19/2019 to 08/21/2019
Instructor: Jack Sieber

Required: 206 or equiv. Prepare for CECR B1 level.

Description: Edito is a method geared toward adults and mature adolescents wishing to gain mastery of CECR level B1. A variety of societal and cultural themes are presented throughout the book using authentic documents (articles, video and audio clips), including the media, arts & culture, travel, history, the environment, the working world, and more. Edito classes can be taken in any sequence; thus the books (text and exercise book) are used for several terms. Each Edito class covers a different thematic unit. 

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