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Group and private classes are taught online until further notice. The Alliance office is virtual, and Kamm House is open only by appointment.
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What Students Are Saying Who Tried Out our Online Classes

Betsy S. shares her experience with online class at the Alliance

Betsy S. attends "Image à la loupe" class from French Hour series.

Janet L. shares her experience with online class at the Alliance

Janet L. attends "Image à la loupe" class from French Hour series.

Kristen K. shares her experience with online class at the Alliance

Kristen K. attends "Literature", "Edito B1" and "Image à la loupe" class from French Hour series.

Jim A. shares his experience with online class at the Alliance

Jim A. attends 102 class.


" It was a wonderful class! Monique is a fantastic teacher who weathered all the new technical challenges with grace and humor. This class was a bright spot in my week, thank you so much for keeping them going and merci beaucoup to the teachers who are flexible and willing to adjust!"

-Grayson D. / Beginning French 102


"My experience with the 30-minute online learning preview has prompted me to go ahead and enroll in a class. Emmanuel used Zoom with skill; he was adept at making adjustments and patiently coached when needed. Everyone seemed more comfortable at the end of the session which included a video, a chance to talk and grammar points posted on the screen. The session exceeded my expectations."

- Jackie W. / Online Preview Class


"I was surprised how well it worked and how much I liked it!  It will be very time efficient for me and better for the planet (!) not adding a half hour of commuting time before and after class. Thank you for offering this alternative."

- Greta K. / Online Preview Class


"Not having attended an on-line class before, I was unsure how well a language class could be conducted on-line. The class went well with a small delays as those, like myself, learned to navigate Zoom. The teacher was very helpful with that, as well as patient and easy to understand. I also appreciated that she offered an assessment of each student’s language level. This will help us choose the best class for us. This is a good option for francophiles whose classes have been suspended!"

- Carla V.C. / Online Preview Class


"I absolutely LOVED the opportunity to test the online class.  It was like being in a regular class at the Alliance, but from home.  For myself, this is a gift, as I live outside of Portland and this type of learning allows me to be there without the commute.  While I realize this new opportunity has been made due to unfortunate circumstances, I feel anyone who participates in the online classes will gain valuable learning.  Frankly, I hope the Alliance will consider continuing online learning even after these tumultuous times have passed as it allows them to reach many more students than they could without it. "

- Diane L. / Online Preview Class

"I have done zoom meetings now with other organizations during this difficult time and they really are great. You get to see everyone and gain a real sense of connection while we are physically distanced. You can talk and interact with others in the app, which is easy to download and setup, or on the zoom webpage. I use the app. I am benefitting immensely from doing meetings on zoom as I am doing them nearly every day. Without them I would be a lot more isolated. I am so glad Alliance is doing them. Looking very forward to class online this Spring term."

- Jennifer S. / Online Preview Class


Parking Information

Street parking on SW 20th St. facing the Kamm House is limited. Free parking is available in Lot B at SW 18th and SW Columbia. Please obtain a parking pass from the office.

After 6 pm weekdays, students may park in the Willamette Dental lot at SW 20th and SW Jefferson as available.

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The Alliance office is virtual
during the COVID pandemic.
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