French Classes Portland Fall 2018

The Alliance's 10-week fall term runs September 10 through November 17, 2018. Fall term offers classes at all levels in programs for adults and children. Private lessons are also available at all times. Call us at 503.223.8388 to discuss options suitable for you or use our online assessment tools to help choose the right class. Note that we refer to the international standard CECR to describe levels: A1-A2 Basic/Beginner, B1-B2 Intermediate/Independent, C1-C2 Proficient/Advanced. Please call 503.223.8388 to discuss options.

Targeting a specific class but not sure if it's a good fit?

Visit our Assessing Your Level Information page or find your level with our online assessment test (opens in a new window). After our local placement specialist receives your written test electronically, she will connect with you by phone to complete the oral assessment and will make recommendations for appropriate classes.

Immersion Programs in France

Discover opportunities for immersion study in France as you explore our immersion programs page (opens in a new window).

French for Adults

French lessons for Adults Portland

True Beginner Classes

This is a class for true beginners or for persons resuming their studies after a long period (and who did not have a significant foundation). The course covers greetings; introductions; nationalities; numbers; expressing preferences; possession; "tu" vs. "vous" forms of address; the near future; -ER conjugations; basic irregular verbs.

Low Beginner Classes

Immediately following the True Beginner Classes, this series of Saison 102 to 105 classes (CECR A1-A2) develops the student's comprehension and speaking skills to include making requests and appointments; comparisons; detailed descriptions; expressing quantities; directions; the simple future; past perfect and imperfect tenses; introduction to the subjunctive.

Intermediate Classes

Classes in this range of CPR106 and Saison 201 to 205 (CECR A2-B1) progressively solidify the student's abilities as an independent speaker expressing a wide range of emotions, opinions, intentions and preferences; discussing events in all tenses; developing use of the subjunctive, and more.

High Intermediate and Advanced Classes

This level includes CPR206 and the popular Edito-based classes for mastery of B1 and B2 material, as well as themed literature, current events, and a variety of text-based discussion classes.

Private Classes for Adults

Private lessons are available at all times and at a schedule and pace appropriate to the student. Format can be one on one, or small private-group classes. Call 503.223.8388 to discuss options or to schedule your sessions. Private lesson pricing for adults is $47/hr for one student, $27 per student for groups of 2 and more. Semi-private lesson pricing for groups of 5 or more is $15/hour. In private lessons, teachers will develop coursework specific to the student’s needs and goals, including selection of a textbook and a defined curriculum. This private lesson format is suitable for students at all levels, from beginning to advanced. Students who already have a solid foundation in grammar and vocabulary at the intermediate and advanced levels may opt for a less structured “simple conversation” approach, for pure conversation practice. Called “Conversation à la carte”, these informal conversation sessions are not structured but are free-flow opportunities to dialogue in French with core staff members. The convo sessions are $15 per 30-minute block if purchased in a minimum pack of 5 ($75 for five 30-minute sessions or $150 for five 60-minute sessions). Otherwise the session is $20 per 30 minutes, if paid one at a time.

Not sure about what class is the best for you?

Visit our Assessing Your Level page and feel free to call us from 9AM to 6PM for free advice and to determine your level.

French for Children

French lessons for Kids Portland

Classes for Children

During the school year, the children's programs offer classes for Anglophone children ages 2-14, and classes for children, ages 11-14, who have formerly attended French immersion schools and who wish to keep up their French. During summer term, camp sessions offer diverting and educational experiences for children from 6 to 17.

Private Classes for Children

Private lessons for children are available at all times and at a schedule and pace appropriate to the student. Format can be one on one, or small private-group classes. Private lesson pricing for children is $45/hr for one student, $25 per student for groups of 2-3, and $15 an hour for groups of 4 or more. Those rates are valid for blocks of a minimum of 5 lessons (5 hours), pre-paid. Call 503.223.8388 to discuss options or to schedule your sessions.

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