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All group and private classes are taught online until further notice. The Alliance office is also virtual, and Kamm House is open only by appointment. Please contact us at  

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The Alliance Française holds cultural events throughout the year, large and small. They are mostly in English and are open to the public. Come join us!

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Events Policy

The member discount is applicable for one ticket per member.
Guests must pay the non-member price. Please note that a reservation is only confirmed upon receiving payment.

If tickets are available, the Alliance can accept payment at the door by credit card, check, or cash.


  • Registration for Alliance Française events can be made in person at our office, over the phone, by mail, or through the web site.
  • Please make all checks payable to: Alliance Française de Portland. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Cancellations & Refunds:

  • Refunds will be automatically issued if the Alliance cancels an event.
  • If you need to cancel your registration for an event, you must do so at least 24 hours prior to the start of the program, and you will be fully credited toward a future event.
  • Refunds must be requested in writing no less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled event and will incur a 4% credit card processing fee.

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Spring Term - Core Classes
Monday, March 29, 2021 - Saturday, June 05, 2021
Spring Term - Core Classes

Spring Term core classes are now open for registration. Choose from two five-week long modules, Spring 1: March 29 to May 1, or Spring 2: May 3 to June 5. Sign up for both parts in order to complete a level, or choose the first half and pick up the second part in the next term, if you like. All classes are taught on Zoom.

A core language curriculum is the fundamental key to learning success. Alliance Française offers Édito, Méthode de français as its cornerstone to mastering French. Whether a true beginner or advanced, there is an Édito class for every level of student.

Grammar is one of the most challenging skills to master in any language. Beginning winter 2021, Alliance will incorporate Grammaire progressive du français into the existing Édito series (true beginner through 105) to enrich the learning experience.

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Location: Online
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Spring children’s classes for ages 5 to 10
Monday, March 29, 2021 - Saturday, June 05, 2021
Spring children’s classes for ages 5 to 10

Art Studio or Voyage Around the World - Who’s ready for fun?

After the online school day has ended and with few after-school programs available this winter, your child may want or need some additional French practice in subjects sure to spark their imagination and curiosity. The Alliance Française de Portland is excited to offer a brand new after-school immersion program for children ages 5 through 10. Whether your child is a true beginner or well on their way toward fluency, you will find a perfect fit to enhance and enrich their online school activities with French language practice and, more importantly, fun.

Introductory Immersion classes welcome beginning French students with some prior French experience. Continuing Immersion classes are designed for those already experienced in French language immersion. French for True Beginners is designed for those who are just starting to learn the language.

This spring, all classes are offered in two five-week modules. Spring 1 runs March 29 to May 1, Spring 2 runs May 3 to June 5.



Here's what you can expect in Introductory and Continuing Immersion classes:

One hour of instruction in a small group setting with an instructor specializing in children's education. Activities that target various types of learning:...
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Spring Specialty and Cultural Classes
Monday, March 29, 2021 - Saturday, June 05, 2021
Spring Specialty and Cultural Classes

This spring, choose from two five-week long modules, Spring 1: March 29- May 1, or Spring 2: May 3 - June 5. Sign up for both parts, or choose just one. All classes are taught on Zoom.

Specialty and cultural classes are perfect to work on comprehension and communication skills. A certain level of French is required for each class. Please read carefully the pre-requisites for the class that interests you. If you're not sure about your level, take the self-assessment here. For further evaluation, please schedule an assessment with one of our teachers.


Civilisation de la Francophonie

Curious about the rest of the francophone world? Take a break from core classes and put your French skills to work while improving your reading and communication. Through the text, Civilisation progressive de la francophonie, learn about the diversity and richness of societies outside of France; the culture and civilization, traditional dances, food, transportation and more.

This class is offered for B1/B2 level students. Prerequisites: Edito 206 or equivalent.

Fridays 10am-12pm

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Literature Classes

Advanced level students may enjoy studying Jean-Paul Didierlaurent's, Le liseur du 6h27, and learn about this dynamic author. This class will be offered in two sections: for B1/B2 levels and...

Location: Online
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Spring 2021 Drop-in Workshops
Monday, April 05, 2021 - Saturday, June 05, 2021
Spring 2021 Drop-in Workshops

French on the Go, the 4 week drop-in workshop series, continues this spring with new offerings to liven up your French language skills. Each week explores a different topic or theme and are offered as drop-in workshops ($28) or the bundle of four ($105). The next series of workshops begin April 7, 2021.

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French Pronunciation for Beginners

For Edito 103-106, A1 level

Saturdays 10:30am-12pm

Do you need help with French pronunciation or understanding spoken French? In this workshop, primarily in English, you will have an opportunity to understand in depth the most common challenges that face English speakers regarding French phonetics. Practice pronunciation as well as orthography (spelling) to better understand the relationship between the spoken and written word. Prior to  the workshop, you will receive all necessary class materials. Print or download materials, in advance, to have available for each workshop. Technology for this class will be kept at a minimum to allow more time for practice and discussion. This class is open to students levels Edito 103-106.

Spring 1: April 10 - May 1

Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4

Spring 2: May 15 - June 5

Workshop 1 Workshop 2 Workshop 3 Workshop 4

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Slalom, a riveting new film by Charlène Favier streams from April 9
Friday, April 09, 2021 - Saturday, May 15, 2021
Slalom, a riveting new film by Charlène Favier streams from April 9

This riveting, 2020 Cannes-selected #MeToo drama from debut filmmaker Charlène Favier follows the relationship between a teenage ski prodigy and her predatory instructor, played by frequent Dardenne Brothers collaborator Jérémie Renier. Watch the trailer here.

Noée Abita plays 15-year-old Lyz, a high school student in the French Alps who has been accepted to an elite ski club known for producing some of the country’s top professional athletes. Taking a chance on his new recruit, ex-champion turned coach Fred decides to mold Lyz into his shining star despite her lack of experience. Under his influence, she will have to endure more than the physical and emotional pressure of the training. Will Lyz’s determination help her escape Fred’s exploitative grip?

Please note that this is a film for adult audiences. It tells the story of how a young female skier's training is overshadowed by her abusive male coach. The film is a sobering portrayal of the abuse of power in the narrow setting of a highly competitive sport. As such, it has direct tie-ins with the #MeToo movement.

Stream this film from the Kino Marquee starting April 9 and running until May 15. In French with English subtitles. Running time 92...

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The Olympic Games from Antiquity to the Present
Saturday, April 10, 2021 10am - 11am
The Olympic Games from Antiquity to the Present

Eric Monnin is the Vice-Président de l’Université de Franche-Comté and a delegate on the program, l’Olympisme – Génération 2024. He has a PhD in Sociology with a focus on sports and physical education. Monnin will present – 100% in French – on the rich history of the Olympic Games, the values that they impart, the growth and expansion of the games to include more and more sports, and the upcoming role of France in the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. He will discuss the event’s evolution over time to its current-day form as an important international showcase that symbolizes the strength and power of competing nations in peacetime.

This event will be completely in French and is suitable for high-intermediate students, advanced students and native speakers.

This event is organized in partnership with the Federation of Alliances Françaises USA and is sponsored by the AF National Coordination office of the French Cultural Services department of the French Embassy.

Presenter’s Bio
After an early career as an award-winning athlete in judo (French school champion) and musician (graduate of trumpet and musical training of the National Conservatory of Music of the Region of Besançon), Monnin performed with the Philharmonic...

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After 6 pm weekdays, students may park in the Willamette Dental lot at SW 20th and SW Jefferson as available.

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