Annabelle Dolidon Presents Her In-Progress Book: The French Sci-Fi Project

French Prof. Annabelle Dolidon presents her in-progress book THE FRENCH SCI-FI PROJECT, a collection of science fiction short stories translated into English, with members of the student-run Ooligan Press at PSU who are in charge of the entire process, from selecting book proposals to marketing the finished product.

French science fiction is unknown in the US despite its rich tradition and thematic content because of a lack of English translations. The French Sci-Fi Project will introduce American readers to French science fiction from the 1950s to today and provide discussion questions to engage with the story in groups or individually. 

During this talk, Dr. Dolidon will tell you more about science fiction and why it is a literary genre worth reading.

This project was chosen by the students who run Ooligan Press at PSU and learn about the professions of editing, publishing, designing and marketing books. All the proceeds of book sales go back into the educational program.

Students Kyndall Tiller and Sienna Berlinger will accompany Dr. Dolidon to talk about their work at PSU to help make French science fiction better known while they gain professional experience.

Sci-Fi at the AF

This free event is live at the Alliance Française on Sunday, January 29, at 2:30. Seating is limited. The talk will be in English with some French.

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