French Conversation Groups

Conversation groups in Portland are available for varied levels of French. Conversation groups are a great way to strengthen existing language skills and motivate continued learning, as well as meet others who share a passion for French.

Participation is free and pre-registration may be required. Check individual listings below for more details. Currently most groups meet online.


Available during the school term:

These conversation groups are offered to our members at three different levels, are led by our teachers and volunteers, and are overseen by our education team. They start the second week of each term and follow the term calendar, including the breaks in-between terms. For the school calendar, visit this page. For any questions, please contact Elene Zedginigdze.

Being a student at our Alliance is not required in order to participate in conversation groups; however, membership is required. Sign up here for membership.  

  • Conversation Group for Beginners: for Alliance students in 100 and lower 200 series or members currently acquiring the CECR A1 level.  
  • Conversation Group for Intermediate French Speakers: for students in upper A2 level and and B1 series or members currently acquiring the CECR A2 to B1 levels. 
  • Conversation Group for Advanced French Speakers: for French speakers at the CECR B2 to C1 levels.

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    Available year round:

    National Weekly Apéro-Conversation Group: This is a free weekly conversation group on Zoom run by Linda Witt (former director of AF Portland and an Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques). This group is open to all Alliance Française members in the United States for drop-in conversation on Wednesday nights at 5-6pm (Pacific). The group, in coordination with the Fédération des Alliances Françaises USA, welcomes speakers at high-intermediate, advanced, and native levels. Register here for this group and receive reminders and the Zoom link.

    The Alliance conversation groups are for Alliance members only: Sign up here for membership (just $36 provides membership benefits for a full year. Memberships are tax-deductible.) 

    Cercle Littéraire

    The heart of Cercle Littéraire lies in its monthly meetups, where readers unite to share their insights, emotions, and reflections on the chosen book (please read the book before the meeting). It's more than just a book club or a discussion—it's a collective exploration of themes, characters, and the artistry of language. Members bring their unique perspectives, creating a dynamic dialogue that enhances everyone's understanding and appreciation of the chosen literary work.  Visit  Cercle Littéraire page to find out more about this book club and the montly book selections.

    More About Cercle Littéraire More About Cercle Littéraire

    Other Groups


    We're pleased to announce that the Vancouver Conversation Group has reunited and kicked off their gatherings on January 14th. Join this group every Sunday at 6pm at Tiger Garden, located at 302 8th West St., Vancouver, WA 98660. This group is open to French speakers starting at the intermediate level, providing a friendly and supportive environment for language practice and cultural exchange. For any inquiries or additional information, feel free to contact the host, Bruen Tucker.  THIS GROUP IS CURRENTLY ON BREAK UNTIL JULY.


    • Groupe francophile: Meets Saturdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon at the Market of Choice, SE 10th and Belmont. The first Saturday of the month the group meets by Zoom and in person the remaining Saturdays of each month.  Contact Jon Danzig for more information. All levels welcome.


    • Alliance group, les Copains du Dimanche: Meets every Sunday at 4:00 PM on the mezzanine of the Market of Choice, 1090 SE Belmont Street, Portland, OR 97214. Hosted by Alliance member Alan Grinnell. Contact Alan for more information. All levels welcome.
    • French Book Club: A French language and literature group meets every other month to discuss a French-language book. Participants read the book in French and discuss it in French on Zoom. Contact Alliance member Cindy Crawford for more information.


    • Samedi au Village: Multnomah French Quarter – Meets on Saturdays, starting at 4:00 p.m. Contact Ed Birnbaum (971) 404-6742, for more information. All levels welcome.


    The Corvallis group: Celebrated its 55th year in 2019, averages 25-30 people for its weekly meetings, Tuesday mornings from 10-12. For current status, contact Jody Altendorf.  All levels welcome.



    Street parking on SW 20th St. facing the Kamm House is limited. Free parking is available in Lot A at SW 18th and SW Columbia. Please obtain a parking pass from the office. After 6 pm weekdays, students may park in the Willamette Dental lot at SW 20th and SW Jefferson as available.


    The Alliance office is open 10am-3pm Monday through Friday.
    Call us at 503.223.8388 during business hours or leave a message.
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