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The Alliance Française offers French classes year-round in four 10-week seasons  – Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each season is broken into two 5-week modules. Classes are offered for the full spectrum of  the CECR learning levels:  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1. The CECR levels represent standardized measures of linguistic capability that are recognized world-wide. CECR stands for Cadre européen commun de référence.
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New this summer: Mini Classes

Mini classes  are a perfect opportunity to keep studying French without a long commitment. Each class targets a specific area or theme. Check out summer schedule on Current Term page.

Mini classes are offered in a series of 4-weeks, 1h30 hours per session:

Series 1: June 13 - July 9
Series 2: July 11 - August 6
Series 3: August 8 - September 3

Year-Round Classes: Core

Duration:  Each class takes one season of 10 weeks,  with 20 hours class-time. You may choose to register for 5 weeks at a time.

Pace: Choose from Regular Pace and complete one CECR level in 18 months, or select the Accelerated Pace to complete one level in 9 months.

Core class progression

  • A0 - Introduction to French prepares students for immersion in the 101 class. No textbook needed. 5-week class.
  • A1 - Beginner core classes bring the student to level A1, moving sequentially from 101 to 106 and must be taken in sequence.  Available as Regular or Accelerated classes. Requires the Édito A1 textbook for the normal or the accelerated pace and the Grammaire Progressive text additionally for the regular pace.
  • A2 - Lower Intermediate core classes take the student to A2 level, from 201 through 206 and must be taken in sequence. Requires the Édito A2 textbook. Available as Regular or Accelerated classes.
  • A2 to B1 Bridge: This  5-week transition class facilitates the move from the A2 to B1 levels with an in-depth review of communication and grammatical skills achieved in A2.  No textbook needed.  5-week class.
  • B1 - Intermediate core classes move from 301 to 312. Requires the Édito B1 textbook. Units in the text are stand-alone, and classes do not need to be taken sequentially.
  • B2 - Lower advanced core classes move from 401 to 406. Requires the Édito B2 textbook. Units in the text are stand-alone, and classes do not need to be taken sequentially.
  • C1 -  Advanced core classes  take the student to C1 level, with 501 through 506. Requires the Défi 5 textbook. 

Year-Round Classes: Specialty

Specialty classes focus one specific skill, such as grammar. Starting at the beginner level, they continue through C1. Classes  meet weekly for 2 hours. Materials may be provided by the teacher or a textbook may be used. Offerings include such classes as Essential Everyday French, Grammar, Business French, and French for Travelers. Consult the current season's class list in the course selector at the bottom of the page.

Year-Round Classes: Cultural

Cultural Classes start at the A1/A2 beginner level and continue through C1 and offer an opportunity to engage with French culture, including literature, history, and the arts. Cultural classes are taught two hours a week for either 10 or 5 weeks. Most classes are taught by teacher specializing in the particular cultural area. Consult the current season's class list in the course selector at the bottom of the page.

Annual Short Programs

Kick-start: An intensive series of in-depth review and practice sessions over four days, with 2.5 hours of class each day. The material is provided by the teacher and covers topics from the prior core classes, often presented with a seasonal theme.
Offered for A1, A2, and B1 level students. 

• Try Something New Week (TSNW):  An exclusive week  of workshops in December, these two hour classes cover an extensive and inventive range of predominently cultural subjects. Workshops are offered for A1 through C1 level students.



Honestly, I can’t think of anything that could make AF de Portland better!  Please continue your on-line classes as I live in San Diego, and all AF locations are NOT created equal.  AF de Portland is a shining star 🌟 !!

Longtime student
attending a variety of classes.

My teacher is as close to perfect as I can imagine.  She's professional, extremely helpful, tries to help us by talking about ways to study, and she provides  additional information so that we can review and practice during the week between classes.

Student from Edito A1

I feel like I’ve learned so much in just one quarter. That’s because my teacher is SO good. She makes it fun while also challenging!

Student in a Cultural &
Specialty Class

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The Alliance office is virtual
during the COVID pandemic.
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