New Core Class for Fall Term

Accelerated French

You'll find two new accelerated classes this fall. In addition to the beginning level 101/102 Accelerated, you can keep going at warp speed with 103/104 Accelerated. For those of you who are ready to start the 200 series, you can blast ahead with Intermediate 201/202 Accelerated.

Introduction to French

A quieter approach to learning French. Take this class before starting with Beginning French 101 to  prepare yourself gently for the immersion method and learn some basics that will prepare you to continue smoothly into the Beginning French series. This class begins October 21, Part 2 of Fall Term.

The Core Classes includes Beginning 101 through 106, Intermediate 201 through 206, and the B1 and B2 Edito Series. Most classes move at the regular pace. These classes take students from the A1 Beginner Level through the B2 Proficient Level. Read how to assess your level of French.

Complete Listing of Core Classes Complete Listing of Core Classes

Specialty and Cultural Classes for Fall

French for Travelers

A new class for A1/A2 students who want to get more comfortable with communication in daily situations. This year-long course will examine travel logistics, cultural festivals, cultural & historic sites, and local customs. You will discuss grammatical points and learn new vocabulary in each class.


Littérature Progressive A1/A2 is a new literature class for A1/A2 students which presents literary works and authors through a structured textbook.
Littérature Intermédiaire for B1/B2 students discusses Charlotte, a book by prize-winning author David Foenkinos concerning a young Jewish artist during the Second World War.

Grammaire en Dialogues 

is a course for Beginners (A1/A2 students) that looks at grammar using current spoken French. Discuss and practice themes and situations as you focus on a particular point of grammar
(like how to order gaufres.)
You'll also find this course at the B1 level for intermediate students.
Read how to assess your level.

Business French

Take a look at how the French do business while developing business-oriented language skills.
This is an intermediate class for students who have mastered the 202 level .

In Person Classes for Fall Term

Classes at Kamm House

While most of our classes will continue online fall term, we're offering some In Person courses. Select whichever fits your schedule and your comfort level. For the health and safety of all our students and teachers, we ask that all students considering in person classes have completed their vaccinations. Taking a language classes while wearing a mask is just not practical. 

List of In Person Classes for Fall Term List of In Person Classes for Fall Term

Fall: Sept. 13 - Nov. 20

There's even more to consider for fall term –– like the popular ongoing Essential Everyday French, now offered at A1/A2, B1, and B2/C1 levels, and Defining Moments in Art, now on Thursday evening as well as Tuesday morning.

Complete List of Fall Classes Complete List of Fall Classes

Discounts to Aug. 15

Use the Early Bird discount for 10% off of the class fee using the code earlybird at checkout. 
Seniors can take advantage of a 15% discount with the code senior. 

Sign up to receive your discount before the August 15 deadline.



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