How Paris Became Known as the City of Lights: an in-person talk at the alliance Nov. 20


Many people think that Paris was given the nickname “The City of Light” because there are more than 296 illuminated sites in the city and of the 33 bridges, 27 are illuminated in magnificent fashion at sunset. They would be wrong.

 Many people think that Paris was given the nickname “The City of Fashion” because of the many fashion designers who made their name in Paris. They would be wrong.

While the nicknames are correct and the results are an illuminated and fashionable city, the origins of these monikers goes back much further. 

Come learn the real reasons behind these nicknames and the origins of many more aspects of our daily lives that originated in France. 

Join us for an in-person talk at Kamm House on Sunday, November 20, 3-4 pm, from Alliance member and educator, GwenEllyn Anderson.

Admission is free to Alliance members, but seats are limited. Please register to reserve your seat.

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About GwenEllyn:

Dr. Anderson is a Neuro-Educator and has been teaching and training in the field of brain science for over 40 years. She has worked as a mental health therapist, college instructor and an international liaison for students studying abroad. She teaches French to adult learners, is a tutor and presents workshops on topics like “Planning Your Trip to France.”

She enjoys tennis, hiking, contra-dancing and connecting people with similar interests to each other. She travels for water projects and for fun and likes to learn a bit of the language of each country she visits.

 She has been a French fanatic for too many years to count.



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