Kickstart Intensive Program

Monday, March 20 - Thursday, March 23, 2023 

Get a head start on the next level, have an in-depth review and practice! The Kick-start French Program is a 4-day intensive brush-up class (2.5 hours per day with two short breaks) offered for A1, A2 and B1 level students. Each class will focus on grammar, vocabulary and conversation skills.  Scroll down for schedule and registration. Note that this program is not a repeat of previous seasons. 

The 4-day program price is $230. Early registration price is $198, until March 11. Use code Kickstart at checkout.

Beginning students (A1)

Kick start your French into action! In this intensive four-day workshop, students will develop essential conversational and communicative skills for surviving in a Francophone environment, including introducing yourself, ordering food, expressing likes and dislikes, and much more. This course is designed for beginners who wish to solidify their understanding of the language, including basic grammar and vocabulary

Prerequisites: 103 or equivalent.

Lower Intermediate students (A2)

Give your French a much needed boost! In this intensive four-day workshop, students will expand their linguistic repertoire and develop their ability to express themselves with more ease on a variety of familiar topics, including describing daily life and telling stories in the past. This course is designed for learners at A2 level wishing to review and to bring their language skills to the next level.

Prerequisites: 205 or equivalent.

Intermediate students (B1)

The students of this intensive 4-day workshop will review and consolidate grammar and vocabulary concepts of level B1 through the following themes:

Media and information: Understanding news in the press - Expressing and posting comments -  Giving one’s point of view - Understanding news headlines.

Maintain your image: social and professional relationships - asserting oneself in a group - Characterizing people: dress, character and behavior. 

Consumption patterns: Talking about consumption and purchasing habits - Enjoying a product or service - Writing a complaint email.

Defending a cause: Talking about ecology - Explaining the causes and consequences of an environmental or social problem. 

Grammar and vocabulary will include a vocabulary related to the themes: The expression of doubt and certainty - Le subjonctif - The passive form - the nominal form - Le futur simple et antérieur- The relative pronouns - Highlighting and Emphasis (La mise en relief)  - Comparisons - Expressing the cause - Expressing the purpose - Expressing the consequence.

Prerequisites: 305 or equivalent.

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