Kickstart Intensive Program

Tuesday, September 6 - Friday, September 9, 2022

Get a head start on the next level, have an in-depth review and practice! The Kick-start French Program is a 4-day intensive brush-up class (2.5 hours per day with two short breaks) offered for A1, A2 and B1 level students. Each class will focus on grammar, vocabulary and conversation skills. Choose a morning or evening session. Scroll down for schedule and registration. Note that this program is not a repeat of previous seasons. 

The 4-day program price is $230. Early registration price is $198, until August 14. Use code Kickstart at checkout.

Beginning students (A1)

Review and grow your basic reading, listening, and speaking skills in this intensive 4-day course.
Over the course of four 2.5-hour class sessions, students will review present and futur proche verb tenses and conjugations, negations, how to ask questions, adjectives and agreement, interrogative and declarative intonation, basic liaison, and the pronunciation of the French /R/.

Prerequisites: 103 or equivalent.

Lower Intermediate (A2) 

Improve your comfort with lower-intermediate level grammar and vocabulary in this 4-day intensive spring course.  
Review past and future tenses, giving commands and making suggestions, comparative and superlative structures, pronouns (relative, direct, indirect, and interrogative), and making your intonation sound more natural.

Prerequisites: 205  or equivalent.

Intermediate (B1)

Improve your comfort with intermediate level grammar and vocabulary in this 4-day intensive course. Students will review indicative and subjunctive modes, practice making sentences with double object pronouns, compound pronouns, passives and reported speech, as well as work on intonation and pronunciation of troublesome vowels.

Prerequisites: CECR B1

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