Mini Classes

Mini classes are a perfect opportunity to keep studying French without a long commitment. Each class targets a specific area or theme. Mini classes are offered in a series of 4 weeks, 1h 30 hours per session, starting the week of May 6.

All mini classes are conducted online unless otherwise specified in the details provided under each class description.

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Spring Mini Classes: May 6 - June 1

Stay tuned! This page is currently under construction and will be updated with our latest classes and offerings throughout next week.

Spring Term Mini Classes Spotlight

French Couturiers and their legacy. Le chic parisien d'hier à aujourd'hui

For Levels B1-C1

Discover the fascinating history of French fashion through the iconic couturiers who have left their mark on their era. This course will explore the unique contributions of some of the most famous names in French fashion, shedding light on their impact on culture, art, and society. From Chanel to Balmain, from Paco Rabanne to Inès de la Fressange, from the extravagance of the nights to the chic of the Parisian streets: you will learn all about French fashion and its history.

  • We will begin by exploring the iconic legacy of Yves Saint Laurent; his collaborations with stars and his ties to art history, including iconic pieces like the Mondrian-inspired dress.
  • Then, we'll delve into Coco Chanel's pivotal role in women's emancipation, from popularizing trousers to her influence during the German occupation. We'll track the evolution of the Chanel Empire to the present, highlighting her enduring impact.
  • Following that, we'll conduct a detailed analysis of Dior and Courrèges, focusing on their contributions to women's liberation through innovations like the short skirt and the exploration of female body evolution in the 20th century.
  • Finally, we'll examine Jean-Paul Gaultier's groundbreaking work, his Parisian connections, his legendary collaboration with Madonna, and his influence on 2000s France.
  • We'll also discuss the evolution of masculinity in fashion and the impact of fast fashion on the industry today.

This class is open to students at level B1 and above, with the prerequisite of having completed level 303 or possessing an equivalent level.

We are thrilled to renew the collaboration with our special guest instructor for this unique cultural journey: Mr. Clovis Fauquembergue, a seasoned philosophy expert with over 20 years of teaching experience.

About Your Instructor, Clovis Fauquembergue

* 📚 Philosophy Maestro: With two decades of teaching philosophy, our instructor is dedicated to instilling critical thinking skills.

* 🎓 Psychology Lecturer: At Université Lille III, he brings a unique perspective to our classes.

* 📖 Versatile Author: Published a noir novel, "Requiem-plage," in 2008, showcasing literary talent.

* 📜 Poetry Aficionado: Crafted captivating poetry collections, revealing a deep love for language.

* 🎬 Film Festival Presidency: Led Eidôlon, a film festival blending cinema and philosophy from 2011 to 2016.

French For Travelers

For A1 level - IN-PERSON

Planning a trip to a French-speaking country but concerned about navigating the language barrier? Join our four "French for Travelers" mini lessons and master essential skills like hotel check-ins, using the metro, purchasing tickets, reserving tours, ordering food, and taking the train. This course is designed for beginners with basic French knowledge and will be predominantly taught in French, with English as needed.

Prerequisites: 101 or possessing an equivalent level (20-hours of French instruction)

French Pronunciation For Beginners

For A1 level - ONLINE 

Join us to enhance your pronunciation and develop your skills in French oral comprehension and production! This course consists of 4 sessions of 1.5 hours each, including an explanatory section followed by activities for oral comprehension to work on auditory discrimination, as well as oral production activities to improve pronunciation.

Prerequisites: 101 or possessing an equivalent level (20-hours of French instruction)

Cinéma: Nouvelle Vague

For levels B1 through C1 - IN-PERSON

Welcome to the cinema course on the Nouvelle Vague! Immerse yourself in the universe of this revolutionary cinematic movement that shook the foundations of French and global cinema.

In this course, we will explore the iconic works of directors such as Jean-Luc Godard, François Truffaut, Claude Chabrol, Eric Rohmer. Whether you are a cinema enthusiast or simply curious to learn more about one of the most fascinating periods in French cinema history, this course will offer you a rewarding and stimulating experience.

Through in-depth analysis, class discussions, and film excerpt screenings, you will discover the innovative techniques used by Nouvelle Vague filmmakers, such as cinema verité, documentary style, discontinuous editing, and non-linear narration. You will also have the opportunity to explore the social, political, and cultural themes that inspired this unique artistic movement. 

Prerequisites: 301 or possessing an equivalent level

French Legends and Folklore: Exploring Myths, Creatures, and Magical Tales

For levels B1 and B2 - ONLINE

When it comes to legends, fantastical creatures, fabulous or, on the contrary, monstrous characters, epic and magical tales, France is not lacking.

Throughout the centuries, myths and legends have shaped the French regions and are now an integral part of their history and heritage. Each legend invites us to travel through a French terroir filled with enchanted forests, bloodthirsty beasts, dragon-like monsters, terrifying ghosts, or even fairies with extraordinary powers...

  • You will experience an immersion that will take you on a journey through regional French culture and history.
  • You will expand your French vocabulary through enchanted stories and documented analyses.
  • You will improve your French by participating in conversations and oral and written presentations.

This class is open to students at levels B1 and B2, with the prerequisite of having completed level 206 or possessing an equivalent level.

Prerequisites: 206 or possessing an equivalent level

Histoire du vin

For levels A2/B1 and B2/C1 - ONLINE

Dive into picturesque vineyards and centuries of tradition that have shaped the fascinating history of French wine.

This course will take you on a journey through the most renowned wine regions of France, exploring the evolution of viticulture, winemaking techniques, and the cultural impact of wine on French society.

Designed as a series of multiple mini-classes, the Spring Term course will delve into wines from the Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne regions, and potentially regional liqueurs such as Pastis, Calvados, Chouchen, etc.

This class is open to students at levels A21 and B1, with the prerequisite of having completed level 202 or possessing an equivalent level. 

Prerequisites for A2/B1 level: 202 or possessing an equivalent level

Prerequisites for B2/C1: 306 or possessing an equivalent level

Histoire de France: Post-Révolution

For levels B1 through C1 - ONLINE

Dive into the post-revolutionary period that shaped the destiny of France. Explore the Third Republic, Napoleon's defeat, the Paris Commune, and the era's cultural and technological advancements. Gain fresh insights into the enduring legacy of the French Revolution. Enroll in this course if you aim to:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the Third Republic in France and the process of secularization (la laïcisation).  
  • Explore the aftermath of Napoleon's defeat and its impact on French society and politics.
  • Examine the pivotal events of the Paris Commune and their significance in shaping modern French history.
  • Delve into the artistic influences and major inventions of the period, exploring their contributions to cultural and technological advancements.

Prerequisites: 303 or possessing an equivalent level

Grands musées de France

For levels A2/B1 and B2/C1 - ONLINE

This class is for cultural enthusiasts curious about the history and inner workings of renowned French museums, as well as for history buffs interested in uncovering the stories behind the institutions that house France's cultural treasures.

Learn about French museums, including:

  • le musée du Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac (musée des Arts et Civilisations d'Afrique, d'Asie, d'Océanie et des Amériques),
  • la Piscine, ou musée d'art et d'industrie André-Diligent,
  • le musée de Pont-Aven,
  • le musée Toulouse-Lautrec à Albi,

Explore the architectural marvels and unique narratives that define these cultural institutions. Gain insights into the origin and evolution of these museums, understanding how they have evolved into beacons of knowledge and guardians of France's collective memory.

Prerequisites for A2/B1 level: 202 or possessing an equivalent level

Prerequisites for B2/C1: 306 or possessing an equivalent level

Discover Swiss Culture

For levels B1 through C1 - ONLINE

Welcome to our French class on Switzerland! When we mention milk chocolate, banking secrecy, Heidi, and neutrality, what country comes to mind? Switzerland, of course!

In this course, you'll have the opportunity to discover the characteristics of this small country and its French-speaking region through its captivating history, rich traditions, delicious cuisine, distinctive French language, and unique politics. Get ready to uncover the best-kept secrets of the Swiss Confederation!

Join us for a fascinating exploration of Switzerland through the French language.

Prerequisites: 301 or possessing an equivalent level

Conversational Insights: Exploring French News and Culture

For levels B1 through C1 - IN-PERSON

Discover an immersive French conversation experience centered around news and culture! In this class, we will explore a variety of videos and articles covering France as well as the French perspective on the USA. Through dynamic and interactive discussions, we will tackle hot topics, current events, cultural trends, and the cultural differences between the two countries. Join us for an enriching exploration of contemporary francophone culture and its worldview!

Prerequisites: 301 or possessing an equivalent level

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