Try Something New Week

Try Something New Week - December 18 - 22, 2023

During the long winter break, the Alliance offers French learning experiences that go with the holiday spirit. Treat yourself to something exclusive and entertaining, or try something you haven't had a chance to do this year, before it's over. 

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Study Skills

This workshop is designed for those wishing to develop a specific skill-set to learn the language more efficiently. Here's what you should expect from this 2-hour long workshop:

- How to take USEFUL notes and maximize them for learning.
- Learn to cultivate a success-oriented attitude toward the immersion approach.
- Clarify what NOT to do.
- Work smarter, not harder: tap into your brain’s memorizing powers.
- Tips for training your ear and your tongue to perform the mental gymnastics needed to speak French well.
- Strategies to milk your materials for every last drop of purpose they hold.
- A Q & A opportunity for honing in on your top study challenges.
- An introduction to listening resources available free online.

Prerequisites: none. This class is in English!
Monday, December 18, 6-8pm, on Zoom
Tuesday, December 19, 10am-12pm, in-person
With Monique Myhre

Paris 2024 Olympic Games

Get ready for an exhilarating journey into the heart of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games! It's been a century since the city of love last embraced this global celebration of sports, and now it's time to bring the magic back. Your tour guide, a true Parisian through and through, will be your virtual companion as we dive into all things Paris 2024. From the fascinating facts and awe-inspiring figures to France's dedicated preparations and the intricate event planning, you'll gain an exclusive insider's perspective. Whether you're lucky enough to be attending Paris 2024 in person or joining us online from anywhere in the world, this promises to be an unforgettable experience! Join us in English, from the comfort of your own screen.

Prerequisites: none. This class is in English!
Monday, December 18, 9-11am, on Zoom
With Elisabeth Perucca

 Beginner Level - CECR A1

French Holiday Commercials

Get in the holiday spirit and immerse yourself in comprehensible, beginner-friendly French with this workshop around the theme of holiday commercials. French commercials celebrating the holiday season will be used as a jumping-off point to tell stories, learn new vocabulary, and discuss holiday traditions and preferences. This is mainly a conversation-oriented workshop, with a lot of listening and some simple speaking, but we will also do some writing as a group. (This year’s class will feature new content from last year for those who would like to take the workshop again!)

Ideal for beginning/intermediate students (CECR A1/A2). 
Prerequisites: completion of 101 or instructor approval
Monday, December 18, 6-8pm, on Zoom
With Marisa Ikert

Lower Intermediate and Intermediate Level - CECR A2 and B1

French Accent In The Francophone World 

French is a language rich in diverse accents, each unique to the region where it is spoken. Whether in France, Belgium, Quebec, Switzerland, or various African countries, you'll encounter a delightful array of accents. Have you ever wondered about distinctions like "brun" and "brin"? Are you curious about whether the letter "T" should be pronounced in words like "but," "exact," "respect," and "contact"? Perhaps you've pondered the pronunciation of numbers like 70, 80, and 90 in Belgium. In this course, we will explore the fascinating world of French pronunciation variations across different French-speaking regions.

Prerequisites: completion of 202 or equivalent level
Tuesday, December 19, 9-11am, on Zoom
With Karim Maalem

Le Subjonctif Quotidien

The subjunctive, often seen as a complex aspect of the French language, can be more approachable than you think! Join our workshop "Le Subjonctif Quotidien" to master this essential element of the French language and apply it to your everyday life.

In this interactive workshop, you will:

  • Learn the basics of the subjunctive: Discover the rules of subjunctive formation and usage in French. We'll simplify this often intimidating mode.
  • Incorporate the subjunctive into your daily life: Explore common situations where the subjunctive is used, whether in expressions, hypothetical sentences, or wishes.
  • Engage in French conversations: Participate in discussions and role-playing games to use the subjunctive in real contexts and improve your French communication skills.

    Prerequisites: completion of 204 or equivalent level
    Wednesday, December 20, 6-8pm, on Zoom
    With Linda Blanchette

Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, Advanced Levels - CECR B1, B2, C1

Let’s eat France!

Did you know that there are over 1000 types of cheeses recognized by the AOP (Appelation d’origine protégée)? And what is AOP, anyway and how does it determine the price of deliciousness? Although we won’t have time to taste them all, this workshop will introduce lovers of French cheese to a variety of flavors and pairings, from goat, sheep, cow’s milk as well as a tutorial on how to prepare, and serve, the perfect cheese plate. Conducted in French.

Ideal for students starting at B1 level through C1 level.

Prerequisites: completion of 206 or equivalent level
Wednesday, December 20, 10am-12pm, in-person
With Caren Trowbridge

Tour the French collection at the Portland Art Museum!

In this workshop we will enjoy a virtual visit of some works by French artists housed in the Portland Art Museum’s permanent collection. Discussion will revolve around technique, subject matter, iconography, and symbolism. Come with your minds open and your eyes wide as we enjoy the beauty of French painting! Conducted in French.

Ideal for students starting at B1 level through C1 level.

Prerequisites: Completion of 206 or equivalent level
Thursday, December 21, 6-8pm, on Zoom
With Caren Trowbridge

La Chasse-Galerie: A Quebecois New Year’s Legend

What if you could travel anywhere you wanted in a flying canoe—but you had to make a pact with the devil first? Chances are, if you speak to someone from Quebec, they will recognize this premise belonging to the beloved folktale “La Chasse-Galerie.” In this workshop, we will explore the legend's rich oral and written history through several media: a written story, a short animated film, and a song. The focus is on written and oral comprehension, but you will also have the chance to express yourself in conversation and writing as we summarize the story and share our ideas. This is a class for upper-intermediate to advanced (CECR B1/B2) students. Prerequisites: Completion of Edito 206 or instructor approval.

Ideal for students starting at B1 level through C1 level.

Prerequisites: Completion of 206 or equivalent level
Tuesday, December 19, 6-8pm, on Zoom
With Marisa Ikert

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