Collection of fifteen antique literature books

$500.00 USD

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A collection of fifteen antique literature books. Despite their mismatched covers, the collection forms an aesthetically pleasing set that adds character to any library. These antique books are more than just reading material; they’re a tasteful blend of history, art, and the timeless allure of literature. 

The set consists of the following titles:

  1. Arnac, Marcel. Sylvain, la femme nue et les fantoches. No date…brochure
  2. Béraud, Henri. Au Capucin Gourmand. 1925
  3. Bourget, Paul. Coeur pensif ne sait où il va. 1924
  4. Boutet, Frédéric. Totote et Cie 1924
  5. Carco, Francis. Perversité. 1925
  6. Daubrive, Marc. Le Manor en Folie. 1925
  7. Dorgelès, Roland. La Caravane Sans Chameaux. 1928
  8. La Fouchardière, G. de. L’affaire Peau-de-Balle. 1919 brochure
  9. London, Jack. Le Loup Des Mers. 1927
  10. Marguerite, Victor. Le bétail humain. 1928
  11. Marival, Raymond. Les Agouglous. 1923
  12. Maugham, Somerset. Pluie. 1927
  13. Rhaïs, Elissa. La Fille du Douar 1924
  14. Rosny, J. H. La Courtisane Triomphante. 1925
  15. Stéphan, Raoul. Monestié le Huguenot. 1926

Condition: fair; pages are brown due to age.



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