Fall Term

September 12 - November 19 

Whether you are new to the Alliance or a continuing student, you'll find all you need to know about our fall offerings here. 

Most of our fall classes (Core, Specialty and Cultural) are 10 weeks long. 5-week classes include Introduction to French and Defining Moments In Art.

New this term:

Essential Everyday French True Beginner Class

Students wishing to start learning French with an emphasis on conversational skills can now enrol in this class which focuses on basic communication.

Essential Vocabulary

For those wishing to enriching their vocabulary with expressions used in authentic situations. 

DELF Preparation B2 level

Familiarize you with the DELF exam structure as you work on material you'll need to master in order to pass one level and successfully start the next one.

Time sensitive discounts

Discounts are valid until August 13.

SpecialTy and Cultural classes this fall

Essential Everyday French

Learn how native speakers communicate on a day-to-day basis. Interaction and exchanges between students are facilitated by the instructor, following weekly thematic topics that include essential vocabulary and grammar.

True Beginner A1: Fri 10-12p
Beginner A1/A2: Wed 1-3pm or  6-8pm
Intermediate B1: Thurs 6-8p or Fri 10-12p
Advanced B2/C1: Wed 9-11a or 6-8p

Defining Moments In Art

For visual arts enthusiasts and those simply curious about the art world. Each week, examine several artworks to learn about the events, personalities and works that have had the greatest impact in their time. This is a highly interactive class using art as a vehicle of conversation. This class will study art of the early 20th century and is a five-week class offered only during part 1 of the term. 

Tues 10am-12pm
Teacher: Elene Zedginidze

French FOr Travelers

French for Travelers is a rigorous course designed for advanced beginners who wish to deepen their understanding of grammar, expand their vocabulary and learn useful expressions for everyday life while traveling. In addition, each week you will learn about an important cultural activity or event from the francophone world. This class will be taught entirely in French and targets A1/A2 learners who have successfully completed the 104 class.

Thurs 6-8pm
Teacher: Lisa Rollot

Essential Vocabulary

Improve your communication skills by enriching your vocabulary with essentials. The book chosen for the class will allow you to work on every day authentic situations and related vocabulary. The dialogue-based format will allow for plenty of practice in class.

Wed 10-12p, in-person
Teacher: Julie Nelson

DELF Preparation

This class will interest you if: 1. You are planning on passing DELF B1 or B2 exam and need to prepare for it.
2. You’ve completed B1 or B2 level and wish to consolidate newly acquired skills and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses before moving to the next level. The class has a double goal: familiarize you with the DELF exam structure as you work on material you'll need to master in order to pass one level and successfully start the next one. A partial simulation of the DELF exam in the end of the 10-week series will allow students to have a comprehensive evaluation of their skills. 

B1 level Fri 12:30-2:30p
B2 level Wed 10-12p

French Literature

Discover French literary works and authors with a well-structured textbook. Learn about different authors and read excerpts of their works. Perfect for those wishing to broaden their knowledge of French literature beyond the scope of a single book or author. Throughout the year, you will discover literary works from the Middle Ages to contemporary French literature.

Wed 10-12p
Teacher Rebecca Raitses

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