Summer 2024

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$395.00 USD

Product Code: 24E 205-A IN-PERSON 2024

Out of stock

Cinéma: Nouvelle Vague

$395.00 USD

Product Code: 24E Cinema B1+ IN-PERSON 2024

Conversational Insights: Exploring French News and Culture

$395.00 USD

Product Code: 24E Convo B1+ IN-PERSON 2024

Essential Everyday French True Beginner

$395.00 USD

Product Code: 24E EEF TRUE BEG-A IN-PERSON 2024

Littérature Française Int

$395.00 USD

Product Code: 24E Litterature B1/B2-A In-person 2024

Introduction to French Immersion 101 Class

$198.00 USD

Product Code: 24E 100-A IN-PERSON 2024

Aya de Yopougon, a graphic novel from Côte d'Ivoire

$150.00 USD

Product Code: 24E Session 2 Minis - BD A2/B1-IN-PERSON 2024

French For Travelers

$150.00 USD

Product Code: 24E Session 1 Minis - FFT A1 IN-PERSON 2024

French Pronunciation

$150.00 USD

Product Code: 24E Session 2 Minis - Pronunciation B1/B2 IN-PERSON 2024

French Theatre Immersion

$150.00 USD

Product Code: 24E Session 1 Minis - Theater B1 IN-PERSON 2024



Street parking on SW 20th St. facing the Kamm House is limited. Free parking is available in Lot A at SW 18th and SW Columbia. Please obtain a parking pass from the office. After 6 pm weekdays, students may park in the Willamette Dental lot at SW 20th and SW Jefferson as available.


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